A5)  Gains and Losses in Soil Organic Carbon

The quantification of the effect of cropland and grazing land management on GHG balance is currently insufficient at European level, and particularly so for Mediterranean countries.

A review of all the existing data available from the Institutions in charge of reporting emissions and removals in cropland and grassland will allow for an assessment of the quality of the current data available and for identifying existing gaps. This action aims at assessing the quality and quantity of data available for organic carbon in mineral soils. The data from different countries will be collected in a common database reporting the Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) data (e.g. concentrations and/or stocks) for the different cropland and grassland management types as defined in Action A.2.

An ancillary aim is the identification of new factors related to changes in management within cropland and grasslands categories.


The topic treated in this action will focus in particular in:

  • Data exchange on SOC and crop and grassland management

  • Methods for detecting SOC changes to and from cropland and grassland

  • Availability of SOC for different cropland and grassland management types from all Mediterranean countries

  • Methods for detecting SOC changes in management practices

  • Opportunities and difficulties in exploring the use of LUCAS Soil Database