A4)  Gains and Losses in Living Biomass and Deadwood

This action aims at describing best practices and/or proposing alternative emission factors for living biomass and deadwood in cropland and grassland, including:

  • ​Characterisation of typical management cycles of permanent crops for use in annual estimation of gains and losses in permanent crops and grassland (i.e. net and/or gross growth rates, average crop productions, losses from pruning, losses from wildfires, etc.).

  • Characterization of typical biomass stocks per type of crop/management system for use in estimating carbon losses in land-use conversions associated with conversions from permanent crops or grasslands to other land uses.

  • Characterisation of gains and losses in deadwood, including characterisation of how losses in living biomass are treated and processed by farmers (e.g. composting, field burning, left to decay, collected for biomass burning, etc.)