A3)  Tracking changes in activity data

This action aims at describing best practices and/or proposing alternative methods for tracking changes in activity data, including:

  • Methods for detecting changes in land-use to cropland or grassland and between sub-categories in cropland (e.g. annual crops; permanent crops) and grassland (e.g. woody grasslands; herbaceous grasslands)

  • Definitional issues and methods for their identification (e.g. grazing land vs grassland)

  • Methods for detecting and reporting interchanges changes between Cropland→Grassland and Grassland→Cropland

  • Methods for detecting changes in management practices (e.g. lands coming in and out of no-tillage)

  • Opportunities and difficulties in exploring the use of LUCAS and LPIS

According to the IPCC, emissions and removals are calculated multiplying activity data by an emission factor. Therefore, obtaining good activity data is one of the key fundamental steps in obtaining good estimates of emissions and removals.